Kirk O'Malley / AES

Alliance Evaluation Services, LLC, has been working with A to Z  Transcription for over 7 years.  We have been extremely impressed and  satisfied with the speed and accuracy of their service.  A to Z  Transcription has been providing us with time sensitive medical reports  for our clients, mostly Industrial Insurance carriers, and Third Party  Administrators.  They demand a quick turnaround since delays can cost  them thousands of dollars.  Our reputation with our clients is not only  enhanced, but due to our speedy turnaround from date of exam to report  delivery we stand out as superb over our competitors.  We feel we owe  this success to our relationship with A to Z Transcription.     

Greg M. Hrasky, M.D.

 A to Z Transcription has provided my practice, Cactus Pediatric Orthopaedics, with excellent transcription service going on 12+ years now.    Turnaround  has been amazing.  Jill and her staff have made every effort to get our  records processed in an ultra-expedient fashion.     
In the past,  with other transcription providers we have had issues that would suggest  those at the keyboards had a very limited experience with typical  grammar or medical terminology in general.  In contrast, A to Z  Transcription Services is a 180-degree turn for us in the excellent  direction.


First Medical Advisory Group

A to Z Transcription has been providing excellent transcription services for First Medical Advisory Group for several years. Part  of our differentiation from our competition is the turnaround time on  our physician reports. Jill and her team provide a fast and efficient  system for our physicians to call in and dictate and in return, we get our reports faster on average than most companies. Our operations team rely on Jill and A to Z so our clients can rely on them!